All's Fair is the 1119th episode of The Bill

W.P.C. Keane and P.C. Garfield respond to a call to about a mugging. The victim describes his attacker as a big black man who sprayed something in his eyes then stole his wallet. At Sun Hill, W.P.C. Page and P.C. Quinnan talk to a woman who has come in to report an attempted rape. She recounts the incident and explains that she only got away after she sprayed mace in the attacker's face. When Quinnan and Keane realise that they are investigating two separate incidents that happened in the same place at the same time they take them to C.I.D.

D.S. Daly remembers the name of the mugging victim as the sole suspect in a rape from several months earlier. He and D.C. Skase re-interview both alleged victims, but while she remains true to her original statement they are able to punch holes in his story. Skase discovers that the allegedly stolen wallet was handed in at St. Hugh's hospital when the victim was in having his eyes washed out.

Daly and Skase get the man to admit that there was no mugging and are preparing to charge him when his solicitor advises that his client plans to press charges against the woman for assaulting him with the mace spray. Determined not to let him slip away again, Daly has Skase stall the solicitor while he visits the woman and persuades her to reinstate her allegation. Daly also visits the man's wife to persuade her to retract her alibi.

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