Aftershock is the 1641st episode of The Bill

A traumatized DC Spears attempts to escape the horrific events of the weekend but her efforts are hindered by the surprise re-appearance of her tormentor. Once she is sure that would-be rapist DS Cork has gone, Spears hesitantly emerges from her hotel bathroom. Spotting her dishevelled appearance she tidies up herself and the room. Downstairs Cork arrives and asks hotel rep Fay to dance. They are watched by a jealous Tommy who tells PC Klein that Fay has dumped him. At breakfast the next morning, Insp Monroe notices uniformed police arrive at the hotel. He introduces himself to DS Greg Georgiou. As the others speculate, he returns to tell them that Fay has been found dead and Tommy is missing. Horrified, Spears runs to the toilet and is sick. After being questioned by the local police the team return to Sun Hill. Spears's relief at being seconded to work with Acting DI Rawton on the serial rapist case soon turns to despair when she is introduced to case profiler DS Cork.

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