A Week of Nights, Part Two is the 1597th episode of The Bill.

DS McAllister and DC Glaze are certain they've got their man for the Jasmine Allen rapes: Lenworth Lomanu, a convicted rapist who was seen by PCs Klein and Stamp in the vicinity at the same time as Lynn Roberts was attacked. PC Taviner is not so sure, and he suspects that the young man he and PC Worrell questioned outside a pharmacy before it was robbed is responsible. As Taviner and Hollis do their own investigation, Lomanu's arrest causes a near riot on the Jasmine Allen, and Sgt Gilmore is attacked when he returns two housewives to the estate. Taviner gets his man, Conrad James, but his solicitor brother gets him off the hook. Clear evidence that Conrad is dealing drugs on the estate gives the police the opportunity to raid and search his house, and Conrad admits to the rapes as well.

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