A Question of Trust, Part Two
Episode No.   Series
1416 1999x027
Original Airdate
29 April 1999 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Julian Spilsbury
Directed By
Audrey Cooke
Episode Chronology:
A Question of Trust, Part Two is the 1416th episode of The Bill.

One month after the death of Anthony Payne, the inquest is taking place. Payne's family, led by his brother Steven, attempt to blame his death on DS Boulton and appear on the news demanding justice. Supt. Brownlow is concerned that the affair is harming relations between police and local residents. An elderly woman comes forward to say that Steven Payne was part of an armed gang who burgled her and her late husband's home two years previously. Her credibility is undermined by the fact that she didn't actually see the men's faces as they were wearing masks, but she is adamant that Payne was the culprit.

Acting DI Geoff Daly and DC Holmes follow up on the case, hoping to uncover something that could help Boulton's cause. A search of Steven Payne's garage turns up stolen goods and handguns. They also manage to link Terry Riley, Boulton's informant and the eyewitness to Payne's death, to the burglary of the elderly couple. To curry favour with the police, Riley decides to change his testimony, exonerating Boulton. Finally in the clear, Boulton is ordered by DCI Meadows to join the others for a celebratory drink in the pub. But Boulton hints to DC Skase that he may not have been innocent after all.

  • Russell Boulter as D.S. Boulton
  • Ray Ashcroft as Acting D.I. Daly
  • Iain Fletcher as D.C. Skase
  • Libby Davison as D.C. Rawton
  • Simon Rouse as D.C.I. Meadows
  • Joy Brook as D.C. Holmes
  • Peter Ellis as Ch. Supt. Brownlow
  • Tony O'Callaghan as Sgt. Boyden
  • Graham Cole as P.C. Stamp
  • Andrew Paul as P.C. Quinnan
  • Michael Higgs as P.C. Santini
  • Clive Wedderburn as P.C. McCann
  • Jane Wall as P.C. Worrell


This episode is set in the calendar month after the events in A Question of Trust, Part One: Daly is still Acting D.I., but D.S. Boulton's injuries have healed.

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