A Pound of Flesh is the 1629th episode of The Bill.

The relief is short-staffed as Sgt. Boyden has taken leave. His mother is supposed to be ill, but Sgt. Ackland is sceptical as P.C. Hagen has also taken leave. D.S. Singh investigates several assault cases which he believes are down to a money lender getting heavy handed when calling in a debt. Ackland sees the mother of one of the victims talking to Amy, Boyden's daughter, and it turns out she is also in debt to the loan shark. When Amy is arrested for petty theft, Ackland convinces Boyden to talk to her, and when Amy is assaulted by the loan shark's thugs, Boyden resolves to pay off her debt himself. When he turns up with the money, he is recognised by one of the men as a police officer, blows a CID raid on the office, and is horrified when his daughter's flat is torched later that night.

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