A Policeman's Lot is the 1124th episode of The Bill.

P.C. Garfeld objects when Paul Archer, a guard from a private security firm, catches a suspected burglar he, W.P.C. Keane, P.C. McCann and P.C. Slater had been chasing, and is only too happy to believe the suspect when he claims that the guard assaulted him. Garfield checks out the security guard and finds he has a criminal record for assault. The guard comes in to Sun Hill with tools used in a break-in, and claims that he saw the boy throw them over a wall when he was chasing him. Garfield accuses him of being violent in arresting the boy and of manufacturing evidence.

While on patrol P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Blake come across an elderly woman who has been knocked down and may have been robbed. As the incident occurred in the area controlled by the security firm, they go to their offices to see if any of them may have seen what happened. The boss of the security firm is less than keen to help because of the hassle Garfield is giving his guard. The woman later dies in hospital. When the security firm boss does decide to help, officers are able to ruin the boy's alibi for the time of the burglary and to clear up how the old woman was injured, but Garfield is still not happy that the firm is allowed to continue operating.

Bruce Byron, who plays Paul Archer, would later join the cast as D.C. Terry Perkins.

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