A Good Night Out is the 1072nd episode of The Bill

The results of the sergeant's exams are in. Acting Sgt. Ackland has passed - but P.C. McCann hasn't. As the relief organise a big night out to celebrate Ackland's promotion, McCann volunteers for night shift duty with P.C. Hollis. Ch. Supt. Brownlow offers to pull some strings at Area to allow Ackland to stay as Sun Hill rather than transferring. Ackland politely invites Brownlow to the pub, and is horrified when he accepts.

When Brownlow finally heads home, P.C. Quinnan calls several minicabs to ferry the relief to a curry house. P.C. Oliver Oxley, a probationer from Stafford Row, pulls over the cab carrying Ackland and W.P.C. Page, but the cab driver makes off with their bags and warrant cards. Oxley is about to arrest the two women but the CAD officer at Stafford Row vouches for Ackland. Ackland helps Oliver deal with bullying at his station while they search for her missing bag. With the help of McCann, Hollis, and some Stafford Row officers, the cab driver is found and arrested. Ackland is reunited with her colleagues just as they are ejected from the curry house for fighting after P.C. Slater tried to defend W.P.C. Datta from racial insults.

This was a specially extended one-hour episode.

It is Metropolitan Police policy to transfer promoted officers to another division, the reasoning being that their colleagues may resent a former equal now outranking them, but the policy is not applied consistently at Sun Hill. Ch. Supt. Brownlow manages to "pull some strings" at Area to allow June Ackland to stay at Sun Hill following her promotion. Other officers to remain at Sun Hill upon promotion were D.S. / D.I. Chris Deakin, D.C. / D.S. Ramani De Costa, D.S. / D.I. Samantha Nixon, Sergeant / Inspector Rachel Weston, D.C. / D.S. Stevie Moss and P.C. / Sergeant / Inspector Dale Smith.

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