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A Dangerous Breed
Episode No.   Series
7 1984x007
Original Airdate
27th November 1984 Flag of United Kingdom
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A Dangerous Breed is the 7th episode of The Bill. PC Litten, seconded to the CID, finds himself duped when two boys he collars for a burglary are set up by his informant for reward money.


PC Dave Litten is on secondment to CID, and is desperate to impress his boss, DI Roy Galloway. Galloway and Litten are about to have a meal at the local pub when a call comes through that a valuable necklace has been stolen from a local aristocrat, Lord Barstow-Smythe. Traffic problems hold them back as they race across Sun Hill trying to get there before the "woodentops". With Galloway and DS Roach busy, Litten talks to a local reporter and ends up mentioned in the local paper. Shortly afterwards, he is contacted by a mysterious stranger who offers to locate the burglers if Litten can convince Barstow-Smythe's insurance company to pay him the reward up-front. The Stranger then sets up two young lads to take the fall for the theft, and Litten proudly arrests them. Galloway recognises the MO of the case as that of a notorious conman, and lambasts Litten for his stupidity.


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  • The episode was released as part of the Originals VHS Series along with Long Odds.
  • The episode was also released on the Series 1 DVD Boxset released by Network in the UK in 2005.
  • The Series 1 DVD Boxset was released in North America in 2007.