Episode 467

Chris Smyth


Andrea Sapsford


Adrian Vitoria

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 27th December 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 31st July 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Sergeant Smithy and PC Diane Noble spring into action when Turkish man, Mehmet Ergin, comes into station to report his sixteen year old daughter, Afet, missing. Smithy and Diane question him about when she was last seen and he tells them she was supposed to be visiting her friend Estelle last night but never showed.

Smithy and Diane visit Estelle who asks if they have checked with Afet’s boyfriend, Cemal. Estelle tells them that Mehmet doesn’t know about Cemal as he wouldn’t approve of their relationship. The officers soon arrive at Cemal’s family home and are taken aback when they receive an earful from Afet who says she is not going back to her dad – she is sixteen and can do what she likes. She is fed up with him interrogating her mates, she cooks and cleans for her dad and hates working in the restaurant. Smithy and Diane return to the station to let Mehmet know that Afet is fine but doesn’t want to come home.

Later, Diane and Smithy are called to a disturbance at Cemal’s house. Cemal goads Mehmet until he throws a punch and Smithy is forced to arrest him. Mehmet is questioned and he admits why he is so against Afet seeing Cemal - he tells them that his family are involved in setting up illegal marriages for immigrants in return for cash. TDC Trainee DC Kezia Walker and DS Stuart Turner take over the investigation and Mehmet is released. As the officers search Cemal’s house and gather the necessary evidence, Diane visits Mehmet in his restaurant and is horrified to discover Afet standing over her father who is writhing in agony. His estranged daughter has taken matters into her own hands…

Meanwhile, PCs Honey Harman and Will Fletcher are called out to a disturbance at a hotel where employee, Carrie Morgan has gone berserk after a meeting with her manager, Elaine Cromwell about a missing bracelet. Carrie demands to talk to DC Mickey Webb and the cops escort her back to the station. Surprised to see Carrie again after dealing with her on another case recently, Mickey asks her what is going on. Carrie explains that she has not ‘turned a trick’ since he last saw her and has been happily working in a hotel. But when her boss, Elaine, questioned her about the missing bracelet, she couldn’t stop herself from getting upset. She shouted at Elaine and admitted that she used to be a prostitute but doesn’t mean she is a thief. Mickey calms Carrie down and tells her he’ll try and help prove her innocence. But, concerned that Carrie has strong feelings for him, Mickey realises he needs to distance himself from her if his relationship with Mia is going to work.

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