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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 19th December 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 21st July 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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DS Stuart Turner and DC Terry Perkins are paired together on a surveillance job where they are trying to catch a crook selling counterfeit satellite navigation systems. The detectives stop a van when it makes a drop-of at the warehouse and Terry is stunned when DC Jo Masters steps out of the vehicle. Jo and her super-grass, Seth Mercer are brought back to the station and Jo explains to DCI Jack Meadows and the team that she is working undercover on an operation which is much bigger than trading counterfeit goods. Terry and Stuart search the van and on discovering a gun hidden in the wheel arch, Jo is forced to tell Jack exactly what is going on. She explains that Seth inherited a haulage business and, when he got into debt, loan sharks started using the lorries for gun-running. Philip Hanson is their supplier and Dougie Clark is their target. She persuades a reluctant Seth to continue the investigation into Dougie and Jack decides to keep an eye on Jo as she continues her undercover role.

Later, Jo tells Sun Hill CID that an ammo exchange has been arranged and she’d like them to provide back-up on the arrests. During the meeting, Jo panics when Hanson recognises Seth as a grass and Dougie points a gun at Seth, she pushes the gun away. The gunshot alerts Sun Hill police who make arrests but they soon realise that Hanson and Seth have disappeared. Jo is devastated when they find copious amounts of blood at one of Hanson’s properties - has she persuaded Seth to take one risk too many..?

Meanwhile, PCs Honey Harman and Leela Kapoor break-up a fight between two brothers at their mothers’ funeral. Wheelchair bound, Roy Durkin, who has a bloody nose, asks Leela to arrest his brother, Leo, for assault. A confident Leo tells Honey and Leela that despite the numerous witnesses, nobody will have seen him assault his brother. The officers decide to call Brad Durkin, Roy and Leo’s other brother who they spotted at the funeral, in for questioning. Brad offers to try and get Leo to apologise to Roy and admits there is more to the family feud than meets the eye. Before leaving the station, Brad secretly asks both Honey and Leela out for a drink. That night, at a bar, both girls embarrassingly realise they have both fallen for his Irish charm and hatch a plan for revenge…

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