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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 26th October 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 19th June 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Episode 454

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Undercover cop DC Zain Nadir leaves Kristen Shaw in his bed and heads to the cemetery to leave flowers at the grave of his younger sister who died of a drugs overdose ten years earlier. In order to maintain his cover, Zain lies to Kristen and tells her that his sister, Jessica, was killed in a car accident. At the cemetery, Zain bumps into his mother who says she would like to see more of him now and again. Troubled, Zain agrees to visit more and leaves for work.

Back at Sun Hill, Sergeant Smithy tells battered and bruised PC Will Fletcher to give DC Terry Perkins a statement about last night’s events before taking on desk duties for the day. Will explains to Terry that he was beaten up as he left the pub and remembers his warrant card being taken from him. PC Honey Harman tells a suspicious Will that at the hen night last night, PC Emma Keane told fiancé, Matt, about sleeping with him. Convinced that Matt is behind his attack, Will heads off to Emma’s house to try and persuade her not to marry him. Seeing leather-clad Will speed past on his motorbike, PCs Tony Stamp and Reg Hollis follow him. They are forced to arrest Will when he lands a punch on Matt’s jaw during his heart to heart with Emma. Smithy is stunned when Will is brought into custody and Matt finally agrees to drop the charges so he can get on with his day and marry Emma. Terry continues his investigation into Matt and eventually finds evidence that he did ask two mates to beat Will. Terry passes the information onto Will who makes his way to the church…

Following on from yesterday’s investigation into Dr Wilder, Superintendent John Heaton pairs PC Yvonne Hemmingway up with Zain to find if Wilder really did pay Billy Aldridge to keep him quiet about sleeping with an underage girl. Zain and Yvonne speak to Tina, the young girl in question, who tells the officers that Wilder loves and cares for her and Billy is making stories up because she finished with him recently. At the surgery, Wilder is shocked at the mention of a sexual allegation and admits that a patient came to him to talk about underage sex. Yvonne is shocked when Zain handles the situation aggressively and even though Wilder turns up a Sun Hill to make a formal complaint, Yvonne and Zain push harder, certain that he is a guilty man. But will Yvonne’s result convince Heaton she is right for the Sergeants post?

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