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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 25th October 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 16th June 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Superintendent John Heaton warns PC Yvonne Hemmingway who is back from suspension to get a result by doing it by the book. She is paired with PC Honey Harman and they are called to a doctor’s surgery to investigate a break-in. The officers question dishy Doctor Andrew Wilder and receptionist, Shona Smith, and discover that the computers and cash have been stolen. PCs Tony Stamp and Reg Hollis tell Yvonne and Honey that a couple of the stolen computers have been found at a local dealer shop and gives them the name ‘Rowan’ as the seller. Yvonne and Honey find Rowan’s hideout, only to find Billy Aldridge there with boxes of surgery sample drugs. When Billy insists he found the drugs, Yvonne and Honey return to question Dr Wilder wondering why he hadn’t reported them as missing. The PCs are surprised when Shona admits to breaking and entering insisting she needed the money. But when the receptionists’ statement shows anomalies, Yvonne and Honey find themselves running around in circles. Shona is obviously covering for someone, but who?

Frank Tomlinson, an elderly ex-serviceman talks to DC Terry Perkins about his friend who is being fleeced by a cowboy builder. PCs Emma Keane and Will Fletcher later arrest Frank for hassling builder, David Bolton, and discover that Frank’s friend, Marlene is being blackmailed by Bolton. Will and Emma enlist Terry’s help and together hatch a plan to bring the builder down before Frank takes matters into his own hands.

After work, just before Emma leaves to go on her hen night, Will reminds her that he thinks she is rushing into marrying Matt Hinckley and says he still cares for her. Will moves closer to kiss Emma and, appalled, she turns and walks away. At the pub, Honey tries her best not to laugh at PC Leela Kapoor who has dressed up as a school girl for Emma’s hen night and the alcohol starts to flow. Emma asks Honey if she thinks that a groom should know everything there is to know about his bride before the wedding. Before giving an answer, Emma is soon on her mobile and Matt turns up shortly after. Drunk and racked with guilt, Emma comes clean and admits to Matt that she slept with Will. She tells her fiancé that it was only once and didn’t mean anything. Matt storms out of the pub leaving Emma in tears. A morose Will has a less than exciting night in another bar listening to PC Tony Stamp and PC Reg Hollis bickering. But shortly after leaving the pub, Will is attacked by mystery assailants and severely beaten up…

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