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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 19th October 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 12th June 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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PCs Honey Harman and Emma Keane are called out when prostitute Carrie Morgan is reported missing.

After dealing with her on another case the day before, DC Mickey Webb and Trainee DC Kezia Walker help with the investigation. Honey scans CCTV footage from a pub where Carrie was last seen and sees that she spent some time talking to one of the staff. Mickey visits Carrie’s brother, Steve Morgan, to see if he knows where she is and is forced to admit that his sister is a prostitute.

As Mickey is questioning pub owner Jerry Eason and his son, Dave, who admits to telling Carrie to clear off as prostitutes upset their customers, Honey calls to say that Carrie is in hospital after being mugged. Mickey questions a beaten Carrie and a woman is soon arrested for using her stolen debit card. But when the woman denies beating Carrie, Mickey and Kezia follow another lead back to the pub.

Meanwhile, DCI Jack Meadows asks undercover cop DC Zain Nadir to find the name of the person who wanted drugs mule Eva Garcia released from custody. Zain visits Kristen Shaw and shouts at her about Eva, who is now on life-support after he was asked to release her from custody as a favour to Haskew.

Kristen promises that she was not involved in Eva’s beating and Zain says he recovered the drugs before anyone saw them. He explains to Kristen that if he is to help them get out of this mess, he needs to know everything. Totally trusting Zain, Kristen gives him the name of Haskew’s friend, Jose Alvarez, who is their new supplier. When Haskew returns, Zain says he wants to be paid more to protect them and he has to meet Alvarez in order to do his job properly.

Jack and DI Neil Manson are over the moon with Zain’s progress and arrange to be in the same hotel during Zain’s meeting with Haskew and Alvarez. In the room next door, Jack and Neil listen intently to the meeting and with no idea a gun has been pulled on Zain, they panic as he leaves and gets into a car which disappears into the distance. Could this be the end of the renegade cop and Sun Hill’s biggest undercover operation?

Also, DS Phil Hunter apologies to new love DS Sam Nixon for not meeting her last night as he had to work late. Sam agrees to see him that night. Interfering, DS Stuart Turner tells Sam that Phil told him about sleeping with her in Romania. She confronts Phil and, chastened, he promises he wasn’t bragging. Sam warns him and says she wants to take things slowly - she doesn’t want to be station gossip.

And Emma continues to arrange her wedding where Honey is annoyed to find herself roped into organising her hen night.

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