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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 18th October 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 9th June 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Trainee DC Kezia Walker visits Sergeant Smithy in Inspector Gina Gold’s office and they end up getting intimate on her desk. Gina is shocked when she rumbles them and warns Smithy to be careful. The Sergeant explains that he’s just having a bit of fun but Gina wonders whether Kezia sees it that way?

Meanwhile, PCs Honey Harman and Emma Keane are sent on a mission to clear the red light district and arrest two girls, Eva Garcia and Pepa Hernandez.

Pepa is found to have a necklace which has been reported stolen. DC Zain Nadir updates DCI Jack Meadows, DI Neil Manson and DS Phil Hunter in on the latest with the Kristen Shaw operation and tells them he is making good progress.

Later, Zain tells them that Kristen’s business partner, Paul Haskew, wants prostitute, Eva, released to help out a friend. In order to also gain Haskew’s trust, Eva is let go and Zain and Neil follow her as she gets into a car which tears off down the road losing the frustrated cops in the process.

Later that day, Honey shows concern when Emma tells her that Matt is organising absolutely everything for their wedding. Emma asks Honey if PC Will Fletcher has said anything about Matt being too controlling. Honey explains that she rushed into a marriage which turned into a disaster and just warns her to be careful.

The girls are soon called out to a house nearby where Eva is found unconscious in a pool of blood. After discovering huge amounts of cocaine wrapped in latex and a Columbian passport, Jack, Neil and Zain are horrified to realise that Eva is a drugs mule. Kristen and Haskew are involved in an international drugs ring and Zain is stuck in the middle…

Elsewhere, PC Leela Kapoor and PC Dan Casper stop a man who seems to be kerb crawling. He is very cagey and admits he works at a local drop-in centre. He is looking for a prostitute called Carrie - he was mugged last night and thinks she did it. The man complains of a headache and the officers call for an ambulance when the man suddenly collapses. Mickey is assigned to question Carrie and on finding out she helped put his rapist, Martin Delaney away, the detective is keen to help her when she protests her innocence.

After their sexual encounter in Romania, DS Sam Nixon hints to Phil that she wants to be asked out on a date. She hasn’t been asked out since she was at school and Phil happily obliges. DS Stuart Turner confronts Phil about his relationship with Sam and Phil tells Stuart it’s none of his business anymore.

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