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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 12th October 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 5th June 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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DC Mickey Webb wakes up in a strange bed and after getting his bearings, walks into the living room to find Jennifer, bruised, battered and screaming at him to get out. Before Mickey can ask what her problem is, he is confronted by DC Ian Crossley from a west end nick and arrested for rape. Mickey is taken to Mill Street police station and is fingerprinted and photographed. DCI Jack Meadows asks DC Zain Nadir to pretend to be Mickey’s Fed Rep and sit in on his interview. Mickey goes through the events of the night and suffers tough questioning from hard-nosed DS Maggie Phelan.

Jack makes his way to Mill Street Station to collect Mickey and Zain and is told by Phelan that a strong case is building against Mickey. Jack promises Mickey that he and Zain . Jack later visits Mickey at home who admits he has been burning the candle at both ends recently. Jack tells Mickey that once the investigation is over, Mickey should take it easier. But is it too late for Mickey to change his ways?

Elsewhere, PCs Honey Harman and Will Fletcher attend to young man Rudi Eziefula, a cycle courier who has been knocked off his bike by a car. Rudi tells Will that he is worried as he has been told he has a broken leg and collar bone but cannot afford to take time off work. The driver, Adam Francis, is unable to be breathalysed as he is unconscious, but after smelling alcohol on his breath, Will is quick to get a blood sample to prove he has been drinking.

Later, PC Emma Keane advises Will to ask for CPS Lawyer Matt Hinckley’s advice about how reliable the blood sample is. Matt tells Will that he can use the blood sample against Adam as long as he gives retrospective consent, if he doesn’t, it can be seen by the court as a hostile act. During their private chat, Matt takes the opportunity to warn Will to stay away from Emma and says he could make Will’s life very difficult. Soon after, Will receives a call from agitated Sergeant June Ackland who cannot find the blood sample. Will is incensed, did Matt steal the sample to prove a point? matt takes the sample. matt dnt want will near emma ..

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