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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 5th October 2006

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Terry and Heaton brief the team on Barry and tells them that they know he is planning a deal involving an illegal shipment from Spain but they need to find out when and where the deal is happening. Terry and Kezia follow Barry as he pulls into a garage, they wait for him outside and continue following him when he leaves, and it soon turns into a high-speed chase. When the car is eventually pulled over, Terry is furious to discover Barry has swapped cars inside the garage with girlfriend Sharon who has acted as a decoy.

Terry and Heaton question Sharon and when they convince her that Barry is using her and that he has a house which she doesn’t know about, she eventually tells them where he is. But when they reach Barry, they discover that her grandson and Max's son Taylor has beaten them there. He is found with a blood stained knife and is arrested for GBH. As Sharon is informed, Max appears at Sun Hill and charges off to find Barry.

Will and Dan find Max about to kill Barry above the motorway where Barry threw Heaton's old mate into traffic paralysing him, but Terry talks him down, telling him he needs to show Taylor the error of his ways and not to take the rap for the stabbing for Barry.

Meanwhile, Leela and Reg find a beaten man in the park with head injuries. Leela is forced to start CPR when he stops breathing and he is finally taken away in an ambulance. Later, Leela is called to the hospital where the man, Jéan Callier is awake and able to speak to her. She discovers he is a busker and doesn’t care that he has had three hundred pounds stolen. He is very cagey so Leela returns to the station to investigate further. They discover Jean is an illegal immigrant but after bonding with him, Leela takes sympathy on the asylum seeker and lets him and his wife go before Immigration arrive.

Later, in her role as Fed-Rep, Leela meets with the suspended Yvonne about her creative use of a car wash power-jet and they chat about what happens next. Yvonne admits that she’d rather resign than go through another inquiry with the CPS. Heaton later tells Yvonne that the CPS have agreed to drop the suspension as long as she is disciplined in-house. However, Yvonne is stunned when he tells her that if she is to stay at Sun Hill, she must control her impulsiveness.

After a long day where he finally reunites Sharon, Max and Taylor Little, Terry visits ex-wife, Helen Coles to discuss their family. Married Helen asks Terry what he wants and when she tells him she has never stopped loving him, and they share a passionate kiss.

Gillian Wright and Bobby Lockwood guest star.

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