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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 21st September 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 15th May 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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After reminding the team that PC Dan Casper is fighting in the inter-service boxing championship final tonight, Inspector Gina Gold assigns an infuriated PC Lewis Hardy to giving a group of cub scouts a guided tour of Sun Hill Station.

Whilst on patrol, Dan and PC Will Fletcher find an unconscious man in the street and on reaching St Hugh’s, discover that the victim has overdosed on hospital-grade morphine. The man dies and the officers are made aware that if there is any more morphine on the street, he won’t be the last to lose his life. Will and Dan check local hospitals and on realising that St Hugh’s is the only hospital to be missing the drug, they set about questioning the staff. The officers discover that Dr Stephen Baker is in charge of the in-house investigation and are annoyed when he proves to be extremely unhelpful. Through further questioning, Will and Dan realise that one nurse, Sonia Baker, keeps appearing in the logs for the pharmaceutical deliveries so they are keen to talk to her.

Elsewhere, Detective Constables Mickey Webb and Terry Perkins pressure a local dealer who has been found dealing morphine into giving up the name of who supplied him with the drug. CID and Uniform pull together to uncover the truth, and when the officers realise that St Hugh’s nurse, Sonia is married to Stephen Baker they decide to search their home. Stephen is stunned when Dan uncovers five ampoules of morphine in Sonia Baker’s possession, and arrests her. She denies supplying the morphine but ashamedly admits to being an addict. PC Emma Keane is given the task of scanning CCTV footage at the hospital and finally uncovers who really has been stealing and dealing…

After a long day, Will asks Dan again about his steroid use. Dan assures him it’s for medicinal purposes and when Will suggests they talk to Gina about it, Dan loses it and slams a stunned Will against the lockers. He eventually cools off and promises to lose the match tonight for fear of permanent damage to his health and career. As the team leave to support Dan ‘the man’ Casper, DS Phil Hunter offers to help a newly single DS Sam Nixon with her paperwork over a bottle of wine and a takeaway.

The crowd gather around the ring and even Superintendent John Heaton attends wearing a badge supporting Dan. Taken in by the atmosphere of the match, Dan knocks his opponent out and wins, but seeing Will’s face, he realises it’s a hollow victory.

And PC Tony Stamp pays his last respects with sister, Jacquie as their father Norman peacefully passes away.

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