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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 20th September 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 12th May 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Tony Stamp turns up for work late after leaving his sister, Jacquie at home with their dad, Norman who is suffering with a cold. Concerned by the rumour that Superintendent John Heaton is looking to replace the older officers with younger ones, Sergeant Smithy assigns PC Reg Hollis and a peeved Tony to finding Dawn Swanson’s (EMMA AMOS) dog. The case takes a dramatic turn when the cops question Dawn’s husband, George (DANNY WEBB) and the dog-napping enquiry turns into a murder investigation…

After netting a good result, Tony goes to the hospital after receiving a call from his sister to say that Norman has got pneumonia. At his father’s bedside, Tony is horrified when his dad suffers a heart attack and stops breathing. Tony calls for help and doctors manage to save him, which upsets Jacquie as Norman didn’t want to be kept alive.

Meanwhile, PC Will Fletcher receives a warm welcome from the team on his return to work after getting caught up in a bomb explosion. He is pleased when he is paired with PC Emma Keane and attempts to cover his disappointment when she tells him she has got engaged to Matt Hinckley. Matt later enrages Will by warning him to keep his hands off her.

Will and Emma are soon called out to a disturbance at Louisa Durante’s house, who’s husband, Keith has recently been convicted for rape. There is no answer at the door and Will breaks in, hate mail is found on the door mat and Emma makes her way upstairs to find Louisa has hung herself. Emma desperately rushes to take her weight and Will cuts the rope. They realise they have found her just in time when Will feels a pulse and calls for an ambulance. Emma and Will fill DC Mickey Webb in and Trainee DC Kezia Walker chats to Louisa about what happened. Mickey and Kezia investigate further and after questioning a reluctant neighbour, discovers that Louisa has been the target of a massive hate campaign.

Also, PC Dan Casper winds PC Lewis Hardy who is feeling suffocated by girlfriend Holly Perkins’ constant texting. Her father, DC Terry Perkins, orders Lewis to call her as she has also been hassling him. Lust also seems to be in the air when Kezia and Smithy get it on in the Sergeants office.

Later, in the locker room, Will is stunned when a bottle of steroids fall out of Dan’s gym bag. The keen boxer tells Will that they are for medicinal purposes to help his shoulder recover and he will stop taking them after his next fight…

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