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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 19th September 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 8th May 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Episode 442

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Inspector Gina Gold with PCs Tony Stamp and Reg Hollis attend a burnt out B&B where an Eastern European man in his forties was seen helping kids out of the burning building and bundling them into a white van. As Tony and Reg collect CCTV footage, they spot Andrei Balev in the van they are looking for and arrest him. Detective Sergeants Phil Hunter and Sam Nixon interview Balev and when Phil accuses him of starting the fire deliberately, he says that he works for the man who owns the B&B. He tells them he takes the parents to work and cares for their children until the adults come home. Balev refuses to give them the man’s name and explains he is working his debt off which paid for his passage to the UK. The pair investigate further and after discovering the B&B was full of illegal immigrants, Sam makes a connection with Balev - she convinces him to make a statement against the gang master and promises him witness protection.

Meanwhile, the Durante rape case is in jeopardy when Beth Adamson is in the frame for the assault on Keith Durante. Intent on bring Durante down, Trainee DC Kezia Walker decides to show Durante’s wife Louisa the tapes from yesterday’s sting operation showing her husband visiting Beth and declaring his love for her. Kezia is over the moon when Louise withdraws her alibis and Kezia and DCI Jack Meadows arrest Durante. Tough solicitor, Nick Davidson prevents a frustrated Jack asking the questions he wants to and they are unable to charge Durante. Under the guise of taking a statement for the assault, Kezia and Jack get Sergeant Smithy to soften Durante and gain his trust to the point where he is ready to confess. Will the well-timed ‘accidental meeting’ with Beth push her accused rapist over the edge?

Concerned for his job at Sun Hill, Tony explains to Reg that Superintendent John Heaton is thinking about getting rid of the more mature members of the relief – replacing them with younger models. Also, realising she has no long-term future with DS Stuart Turner a resolute Sam ends their relationship.

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