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Gill Wilkinson

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 7th September 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 28th April 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Detective Sergeants Sam Nixon and Stuart Turner take over from PCs Lewis Hardy and Honey Harman who have attended the stabbing of Jimmy Todd. They interview Mel Hickey who was at the scene and he tells the officers they are best friends after doing time in Longmarsh prison together. Honey reports that Jimmy’s wallet wasn’t stolen so it can’t have been a robbery. Stuart discovers that Jimmy has just been released from prison after being sent down for sixteen but serving only eight years for armed robbery on a security van in which the guard, Martin Hooper, was shot. Wheelchair-bound, Martin answers the door to Stuart who questions him about the stabbing. He admits to knowing about Jimmy Todd’s release but denies stabbing him. He explains that after he was shot, his life fell apart. He left his wife and son and turned to drink. However, since joining AA, life is looking good.

Inspector Gina Gold admits to Sergeant Smithy that she has sneaked a peak at a spreadsheet on Superintendent John Heaton’s desk outlining the fact that younger officers are half the price than older and more experienced ones. Gina says that if John thinks he can get rid of experienced officers like PCs Reg Hollis and Tony Stamp, he can think again. Gina is pleased to see Borough Commander, Adam Okaro, visiting Sun Hill and is happy that he is looking after himself and taking some unpaid leave to spend time in Nigeria.

Later, an angry John calls Gina into his office and shows her a news article stating that the Jasmine Allen estate is one of the top-ten crime hotspots in East London. John demands that she organise some high visible relief officers to patrol the estate. During the patrol, PC Tony Stamp rushes home to his father, Norman, who has called to say his carer has walked out and he is in a lot of pain. Tony is enraged to find that his father is just attention seeking and after shouting at him, his heart breaks when Norman tells him he is just treading water until he dies. On arriving back at the estate, Tony is confronted by Smithy who berates him for leaving his partner, PC Honey Harman, during an investigation. Smithy dismisses Tony and makes him walk back to the station.

During the day, Sam confides in DS Phil Hunter telling him she has done a second pregnancy test as she has been feeling terrible and it has confirmed that she is pregnant. Boyfriend Stuart finally asks her what the problem is as she has been acting strange all day, and on discovering she is expecting, tells her whatever she wants - that he is there for her. Sam is tearful and tells him she’ll decide what to do, alone.

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