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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 6th September 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 24th April 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Sergeant June Acklandand PC Roger Valentine attend a road traffic accident where a young woman, Sara Grange has aimlessly wandered into the road causing a collision. June is quick to take Roger to one side when he takes it upon himself to lecture a sullen Sara about being irresponsible.

Later, June and Roger are both called out to an assault where Sara is again involved. June takes down a statement from Carl Preston, who came to repossess Sara’s car. Carl claims that she went berserk and attacked him and, with witnesses to prove this, June is forced to arrest her. Trainee DC Kezia Walker investigates further and accuses Carl of treating Sara unethically. Kezia tells him that she has uncovered a transcript of a conversation which clearly states that although Sara was struggling to make the repayments for the car, he continued to take money out of her account every month.

As soon as Sara is released, June and Roger find themselves yet again confronted with Sara - they are horrified to find a distressed Sara stood on the rooftop of a car park preparing to jump. Inspector Gina Gold and June are uneasy as they watch reckless Roger climb out onto the ledge in order to talk her down. Knowing the emotional state he is in, will Roger be tempted to join her in her suicide mission?

Meanwhile, following his attack on Louis Drake, DC Zain Nadir is stunned to discover that PCs Honey Harman and Yvonne Hemmingway have been questioning Kristen after Drake reported the attack was from one of her ‘heavies’. Zain is horrified when Kristen tells him she has had to hand CCTV tapes over to the police. The undercover cop desperately comes up with a cover story to explain why he was at the club and an alibi for the time of the attack. DI Neil Manson watches the footage and, on seeing Zain in the club, calls him in to find out what has been going on. Zain tries to cover his tracks but when he positively identified by Drake as his attacker, Neil questions whether Zain is in too deep…

Later, at the pub, Kezia and Sergeant Smithy flirt over a game of pool while PC Tony Stamp makes his excuses as he is moving his father, Norman in with him. June is delighted when Rod announces he has booked a two week holiday in the Seychelles and they are unable to hide their excitement when June admits she is ready to take their relationship a step further…

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