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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 31st August 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 21st April 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Episode 437

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Detective Constables Zain Nadir and Kezia Walker investigate a suspicious fire at a fashion warehouse where evidence suggests that the fire was started deliberately. Zain and Kezia question the owner, Linda Dyer who says that, although she’ll be able to claim on the insurance, it won’t be long before the boutiques will source their designer goods elsewhere. The pair then set their sights on Linda’s business partner, Derek Hales who insinuates that a driver that they had to ‘let go’ recently may have started the fire. However, Kezia is intrigued when she discovers that Derek has previous and was recently arrested after a drunken row with his ex-wife about their financial situation. When Zain sneaks off, leaving Kezia to work on her own, both DC Terry Perkins and PC Honey Harman pitch in. After discovering that Linda is in deeper debt than Derek, they are certain that the fire is an insurance scam - but who is the guilty party?

Meanwhile, glamorous drug baron, Kristen Shaw meets with Zain and thanks him again for preventing her and Haskew from getting nicked the night before. She then asks him to do a check on Louis Drake who Haskew is thinking of hiring as a dealer. Kristen tells Zain she is thinking about taking him on but wants to check out his background first. Disregarding the investigation he should be working on with Kezia, Zain calls Kristen warning her not to let Drake anywhere near her business. Zain is then stunned when he learns that Drake has assaulted Kristen, lashing out when she turned him down for the job. Unbeknownst to Kristen, Zain tracks Drake down and as Drake takes a swing at him, Zain retaliates punching him in the jaw and then the stomach. Zain strides off leaving a floored Drake screaming in agony. Have the renegade cop’s feelings for his target caused him to take leave of his senses?

Also, unimpressed Sergeant June Ackland pairs troubled PC Roger Valentine, who has arrived late for work, with PC Lewis Hardy and tasks them to find transvestite, Kathy Clarke who isn’t answering calls from the Criminal Justice Unit even though she is due to give evidence in the Nick Spencer trial. Roger and Lewis are horrified to discover Kathy badly beaten in her home and when she admits to receiving threatening calls June reports back to say that they were made from a hostel where Nick’s father, William Spencer, is staying and he becomes their number one suspect. Roger soon catches William who is fleeing the hostel and gives him a few whacks with his asp before Lewis arrives. A worried June asks Lewis how Roger is doing and even after he assures her he is fine, June decides to pay Roger a visit after work. Ignoring the knock at the door, Roger silently seeks solace in a microwave meal for one and a glass of Whiskey…

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