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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 24th August 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 14th April 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Episode 436: Who Did It? is the 2094th episode of The Bill, and the 59th episode of series 22.

Hunter and Nixon investigate the death of a pensioner and make links to his son, who is in debt. A Togolese worker is arrested for theft but her intepreter threatens her to make a false confession. Holly Perkins lies to her father about her relationship with Lewis, who spends the night with her. Lewis starts a collection for Will, who recovers from being involved in an explosion.

Following a call from a frantic Tom Walker reporting his father George Walker’s disappearance, Sam and Phil are horrified to discover the 75-year-old’s body in his basement freezer. They interview Walker and realise it could be murder when he mentions that his father’s carriage clock and some of his late mother’s jewellery has gone missing. Sam and Phil leave to question George’s cleaner, Maria Clyne, who admits that George was very kind to her and gave her the clock and jewellery as gifts. Zain is also assigned to the case and searches George’s house for clues. When an intrigued Zain discovers some Viagra-like pills and a will – leaving his worldly goods to his cleaner - things take an unexpected turn. It’s a case of whodunit when Tom owns up to arguing with his father about his past love affairs and Maria confesses to doing more than just dusting the furniture!

Elsewhere, Lewis manages to talk himself into taking a collection for Will who is recovering from being caught up in a recent bomb blast.

Meanwhile, Dan and Lewis are forced to arrest Kemi - a Togolese worker, who only speaks Yoruba, and is reported to have been stealing from employees’ lockers. Terry calls in a translator who assists during the interview, but when Kemi and another work both confess, Terry smells a rat, the interpreter is swapped for another, but why did the interpreter lie?

Holly Perkins visits her father at the station, who is pleased when she tells him she is not seeing Lewis anymore. Lewis soon approaches and when Holly leaves, Terry quietly warns Lewis off Holly again. Later, Holly tells a guilty Lewis that he can stay the night and he reluctantly gives in when she asks him if he is scared of her father. They share a passionate kiss and end up back in bed together.

Les Dennis guest stars as Tom Walker.

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