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Martin Hutchings

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 23rd August 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 10th April 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Undercover cop, PC Will Fletcher is stunned to overhear DCI Jack Meadows arguing with Superintendent John Heaton about using an inexperienced officer in an under-cover operation after Will’s fight with racist thug and member of the RDA, Nick Lawson, who has discovered he has infiltrated their organisation. John tells a concerned Will that Nick is recovering at St Hugh’s and can be held for thirty-six hours before getting a solicitor, meaning Will can continue to work without his cover being blown. After searching Nick’s flat, DC Mickey Webb is staggered to discover the RDA are building a bomb. Euan Thomas bumps into Will at PC Dan Casper’s inter-services boxing match and tells him that RDA ring-leader, Robert Barrie, wants to see him, now.

Meanwhile, PC Yvonne Hemmingway is paired with PC Emma Keane. They are called to the community centre where the RDA are putting on a gig. Will arrives to see Barrie and they are set upon by a group of Asian men, unaware of his undercover role. Emma is horrified to witness Will about to punch one of them in the face. Maybe Emma’s boyfriend, Matt Hinckley, was right – does she know Will as well as she thought?

Barrie explains to Will that their plan to plant a bomb at the NSAB headquarters, so that Muslim terrorists are blamed, is going ahead today. He takes Will’s mobile from him for ‘security reasons’ and when Barrie looks through the messages from Mickey it isn’t long before his cover is blown. Barrie ties and gags Will and leaves with Euan who has willingly decided he will be the one to plant the bomb. The race is on when a concerned Mickey finds Will who rushes to the NSAB in an attempt to talk Euan into not planting the bomb. Will finds Euan who says the bomb is armed and there are only a few minutes until it detonates. Will admits he has been working undercover and tries to persuade an angry Euan to leave the building with him. But as the timer rapidly counts down, Will and Euan realise it’s too late…

Also, CPS Officer, Matt Hinckley apologises to Emma after reacting like a child when she turned down his proposal. He then tells her that his previous fiancé didn’t leave him, she died, which is why he reacted so strongly the night before. Emma reminds him that she is not going anywhere and says if the offer is still on, she would love to marry him.

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