Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 17th Auhust 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 7th April 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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PC Will Fletcher’s friendship with fellow boxer, Euan Thomas comes under scrutiny when he is asked to go undercover by Superintendent John Heaton and DCI Matthews from Special Branch. Will is shocked to learn that Euan, is involved with a right-wing group called the ‘Racial Defence Army’ who are planning to strike at the heart of a local Muslim community. John assures Will that his lack of undercover experience won’t be an issue and DC Mickey Webb has been assigned as his handler. Will is stunned when he discovers some racist leaflets in the back of Euan’s car and steers the conversation to suggest he has the same attitude towards immigrants. Euan is surprised by Will and tells him that his hatred stems from when his sister lost an arm in the 7th July bombings.

After a work-out at the boxing gym, Euan invites Will to a ‘National Social Alliance of Britain’ meeting where he is forced to listen to an impassioned speech about loss of community thanks to a rise in immigrants. Later, at the pub, Will is introduced to the ring-leader of RDA, Robert Barrie and his aggressive acquaintance, Nick Lawson. Barrie tells Will that a racist police officer could prove useful to him and arranges to meet him the following day, complete with his uniform. What exactly do the racists thugs have in store for the young PC and just how far is he prepared to go to not blow his cover?

PCs Yvonne Hemmingway and Emma Keane are called to the scene of an assault where Asian woman Sabirah Hossein, who runs an Islamic Woman’s Group at the community centre, claims she has been attacked by two white men. Has the RDA group struck again?

After a few drinks at the pub, Emma admits to boyfriend Matt Hinckley that she found the engagement ring in his desk drawer. She is stunned when he acts like a spoilt child when tells him their relationship is moving too fast and she is not ready to get married. Sulky Matt storms out, leaving Emma alone in the pub. With nowhere else to go, Will is shocked to see his distressed colleague arrive at his flat and when she tearfully explains what happened with Matt, the pair kiss and end up in bed. Has Emma finally decided to follow her heart?

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