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Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 3rd August 2006
FlagIcon Australia small 27th March 2007

22 (2006 Episodes)

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DS Sam Nixon and DS Phil Hunter investigate a burglarly at Lexicor Communications where electrical equipment has been stolen. They watch CCTV footage and are intrigued to see that during the time of the robbery a young couple have an argument and ride off on a scooter. Phil is anxious when he receives a call from Kate about Alfie who is struggling to breathe, so Sam insists he go to Wales to see his son while she covers for him. Sam persuades DS Stuart Turner to cover for Phil and work alongside her on the case, and a strange lead comes to light when they discover a phone call was made from Lexicor during the time of the burglary to a sex line. They investigate further and manage to solve the case but Stuart angrily comments on the fact that Phil is going to get the credit for the arrest. However, he and Sam are surprised when Phil comes clean to DI Neil Manson on his return. Sam eventually agrees to let Stuart move in with her, leaving her friend, Phil, heartbroken. Has Sam chosen the right man?

Meanwhile, Trainee DC Kezia Walker and CPS Solicitor Matt Hinkley prepare for accused rapist Keith Durante’s hearing. At the court, Kezia is alarmed when Matt tells her that Durante’s defence claim cross-contamination is possible as PC Tony Stamp was wearing the same shirt when he went to work at the cab office for his night-shift with Durante after dealing with the rape victim. The case against Durante is withdrawn leaving a furious Kezia having to call the victims with the bad news. Later, during a drink at the pub, Smithy pulls rank on Kezia when she storms off to bang on Durante’s door. Smithy and Kezia discuss Durante’s alibi and decide they need to get his wife to admit she was lying.

Also, Sergeant June Ackland and Tony deal with Martin Thorpe who has reported his mother missing from her care home along with sixty-seven grand. Worried for Audrey’s safety, the officers learn that Derek Pearce, the caretaker, had taken Audrey to the bank and helped her transfer her life savings into his account. June and Tony also discover that Derek has also gone missing after a neighbour admits helping him lift a heavy trunk into the back of a taxi earlier that day. Things take a surprising twist when June and Tony are stunned to find themselves walking into Audrey’s and Derek’s wedding reception but why is her son, Martin, so unhappy?

After dealing with Audrey, Norman Stamp is delighted when Tony decides it’s time to give up the cabbying and ask his dad to leave the care home and move in with him.

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