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Tom Needham


Sylvie Boden


Alan MacMillan

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 20th July 2006

22 (2006 Episodes)

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Sun Hill is in a state of tense apprehension as an operation to arrest a big drug baron gets underway. However, the bold move onto the suspect’s premises does not get the desired evidence, leaving the investigators unexpectedly stuck. Inside Sun Hill, Superintendent Heaton battles to keep Inspector Gina Gold fully on his side, as he is set to prove that his zero tolerance approach to drugs is the way forward. Now all depends on the team’s support for the Superintendent’s war against drugs in his nick. During the investigation, PC Lewis Hardy finds it hard to accept the Superintendent’s approach. Wishing to protect the suspect’s family, it hurts him to see the kids get a bad impression of what the police stand for. A second visit to the suspect’s house provides the team with the evidence to firm up their suspicion that the suspect’s wife is hiding something. But is a bag of cannabis really the tip of the drug iceberg that Heaton is expecting?

In a nearby back garden, PC Dan Casper and PC Will Fletcher are investigating a case of vandalism against the owner of a local go-kart stadium. Although more concerned about Dan’s boxing match that night, they get on the case anyway and find out that the offender is Euan Thomas, whom they both know from the boxing club. A visit to Euan’s house explains his motivation was to revenge the business man’s behaviour towards his sister. Taking a diplomatic route to resolving this case, the young coppers hatch a plan which gets more than their endorphins racing …

DC Terry Perkins is put in charge of Max Little a potentially dangerous offender who is about to be released from prison whom Superintendent Heaton wants to keep under close scrutiny. Terry wants to see him a changed man, but when Max’s mother is found screaming for her life on her balcony, he realises that Max is still a very angry man. Terry is also getting more entangled in his kids’ adolescent turmoils. After being absent from their lives for three years, Terry finds himself growing close to his estranged ex-wife, Helen Coles. Is now their time to smooth things over when the children have only just settled into the separation?

As Dan prepares for his next boxing match, Gina, possibly more nervous that Dan, has a surprise in stock for him. Dan’s coach and best mate Will stands by, not doubting Dan’s abilities for a moment. Seconds out…

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