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Sally Tatchell


Lachlan McKinnon


Paul Wroblewski

Airdate: Flag of United Kingdom 18th July 2006

22 (2006 Episodes)

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The investigation into the series of rapes gets back underway with a firmed up profile of the rapist: the target is an illegal mini cab driver. A failed decoy operation in which Trainee DC Kezia Walker’s aimed to nick a mini cab driver outside a nightclub puts Sun Hill back to square one. A new lead is offered by one of the previous victims who agrees to take a phone call from the rapist to try and bring up evidence. At the same time, PC Tony Stamp, who has now come clean about his cabbying, investigates his fellow cabbies. Tony finally loses his street cred with his colleagues, as he delivers the evidence and arrests prime suspect Keith Durante. As more information comes together, little seems left for the suspect to get away. But even though the team is hot on his heels, have they got all it takes to wrap the case and send Keith down?

Meanwhile, PC Emma Keane and PC Will Fletcher have to deal with a mother who fears that her teenage daughter is a victim of serious bullying at school. The PCs are just getting used to working together again after Emma recently finished their romantic involvement. They go to the school to investigate and are met with pubescent rebellion, but their professional instincts lead them in the right direction. Has the mother’s engagement ring really been a genuine present to the teenage girl’s friend?

Overconfident in his demeanour, DS Stuart Turner has not been popular at the station as he boldly grabbed the lead in the investigation into the rape cases. Who will be more popular when the phone call comes revealing who has got the post at the kidnap unit; Suzie or Stuart?

Later that night at the pub, Emma works hard at manoeuvring her relationship with Matt back into calm waters but over a potential career move, Matt puts Emma emotionally on the spot. Will, now a good friend finds this hard to witness.

Meanwhile, after some differences between Smithy and Kezia during the day, the two coppers get these out of their way, as Kezia makes a bold move…

Sergeant June Ackland moves her relationship with Rod Jessop onto the next level as she confesses that she has been raped and struggles to accept the intimacy that is developing between the two of them.

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