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Adrian Pagan


Lachlan MacKinnon


Paul Wroblewski

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 6th July 2006

22 (2006 Episodes)

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An early morning phone call from James Tennant leads DI Neil Manson into the woods, where James claims to have found a sign of his daughter’s whereabouts. He has employed a medium who now claims she has seen the little girl appearing in a vision. Neil empathises with the father’s feelings and reluctantly tries to take the psychic’s visions of the girl in the woods seriously. They find a doll in the forest, which used to belong to the missing girl. But video footage of James’s house, taken when the daughter first went missing, shows the doll at the house. So, Neil and Stuart set out to investigate who visited the house since the daughter disappeared, leading to a gas meter reader. As James’s expectations of the medium’s premonitions grow, Neil is under pressure to deliver an explanation to back up his scepticism. The pressure mounts as the psychic knows that Neil is set to find the person who may have taken the doll from the house and leaving it in the woods.

DC Suzie Sim and her Trainee DC Kezia Walker get involved with another rape case, which is reported at the station. The investigation moves slowly as the girl - a repeat victim of rape – initially finds it too difficult to talk about what happened. Things turn bad for PC Tony Stamp when the victim comes to the station and identifies him as the man who raped her. Tony finally has to come clean about his night job as a cab driver, and the station looks on in disbelief as he gets nicked by Sergeant Smithy. To his detriment, Tony’s whereabouts at the time of the crime cannot be proved by CCTV footage. Will Kezia manage to persuade the victim that she needs her to talk and jog her memory about last night’s events if the rapist is to be stopped once and for all?

As the team sticks together to find the serial rapist before another victim is added to the list, Suzie drops a bombshell and confesses to Neil that she has applied for a job at another nick. As it turns out, the young and determined DC is not the only person at Sun Hill who is set to climb up the career ladder. Suddenly there is fierce competition between Suzie and DS Stuart Turner, for the same job.

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