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Emma Goodwin


Lis Steele


Nigel Douglas

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 29th June 2006

22 (2006 Episodes)

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DS Phil Hunter and DC Zain Nadir continue to work under cover to expose a major drug operation. When they plan the manoeuvre, however, the two officers disagree fiercely. Phil is forced to decide whether they are taking too big a risk as they push the boundaries at work. But Zain has already jumped in head first. The plan is to take on the role of a corrupt copper to lull Kristen Shaw into a false sense of security. He is determined to find out what this business woman is hiding. Is her innocent image is merely a front?

PC Honey Harman and PC Yvonne Hemmingway rush to assist Andrew Landor, a teenager who seems to have escaped a mugging in the street, but turns out to have a large amount of money in his pocket. Whilst the key worker for the boy, who has learning difficulties, testifies for recent improvements in his social life, can she be sure that he is not involved in a criminal operation to boost his finances? DC Mickey Webb, who knows the boy already, begins to build a relationship with the young film buff to get to the bottom of the case. How can Andrew afford all those visits to the football and the cinema on a social welfare budget? Is Mickey right to act on pure intuition on this?

Following a failed attempt on the previous night, Mickey plucks up his courage again, determined to reveal his story to girlfriend Mia Perry. But the whole story means that it is confession time for Mickey about a one-night stand. Mia’s patience is now at an end and she needs to hear no more. Is the moment for Mickey’s truth to come out once and for all?

Having avoided confessing the truth about her profession, PC Yvonne Hemmingway has to stop lying to her boyfriend. Honey coaches her into spilling the beans and Yvonne is surprised by the reaction at the other end of the phone when she finally does confess!

Superintendent John Heaton continues to make his mark as someone who is always on duty. Whilst out for a run, he is offered some drugs by a youth, but there is no messing with the new Super, as he shouts ‘You’re nicked!’ before the youth even realises what’s going on.

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