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Julian Perkins


Lis Steele


Nigel Douglas

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 28th June 2006

22 (2006 Episodes)

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PC Honey Harman arrives at the scene of a traffic accident which is more than meets the eye. Just as she wants to take a statement from the witness, he suddenly makes a run for it, leaving Honey to discover a blanket which he left behind soaked in blood. DS Samantha Nixon and DC Mickey Webb reveal it is a case of rotten meat. They are on the right path when they pay a visit to the local food processing plant that has experienced a theft. Complaints about food poisoning are filed at the station and then the culprit turns himself in at Sun Hill, not only with a confession but also with some inside information.

All eyes are on the nick. An officer from the environmental health authority gets closely involved and even a journalist witnesses the MET’s investigation. Added pressure is given by new Superintendent John Heaton who is keen to finally see Sun Hill getting favourable press coverage for his style of ‘pro-active policing’.

Back at base, DC Zain Nadir and DS Phil Hunter are investigating a lead into the local drug scene. Zain is keen to use his undercover contacts to get closer to Kristen Shaw, the owner of a number of local bars and a gym. Phil, having to reign in Zain’s enthusiasm, wants to firm up their suspicions about the mysterious business woman and her dealings with the luxury health club. But how does the story that Zain’s undercover contact has given them correlate with what the two officers have been able to catch on their camera?

Meanwhile, PC Yvonne Hemmingway has her hands full managing her most recent admirer. When she suddenly ducks behind a car in St Hugh’s car park in order to evade his lunch invitation and bunch of flowers, Yvonne has to confess to Honey what’s been going on. For fear of his reaction, she has been lying about her profession, pretending to be a nurse at St Hugh’s. She knows she needs to come clean soon, but this is before she knows that the case the two officers are working on will make that evening’s headlines and a front page photograph…

Mickey and girlfriend Mia Perry are getting on well, until a journalist who is following the rotten meat case asks Mickey about his past. Mickey flies off the handle, overwhelmed by the memories. After work, he knows he needs to tell Mia everything but he simply can’t find the words. Mia, though patient, does not understand and they part rowing. Will Mickey be strong enough to tell Mia about his rape or will the past get the better of him?

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