Finding a twelve year old boy with gun shot wounds in the shoulder throws the Sun Hill team into a nerve-racking search for the culprit and the weapon. The atmosphere at the station is tense. Superintendent Adam Okaro is faced with the challenge to uphold the MET’s reputation – an enraged public has gathered on the estate. DS Samantha Nixon and DS Stuart Turner are stuck with a victim who insists on hiding the truth from them.

Close by, PC Lewis and PC Roger Valentine get into a hairy situation on their door-to-door investigation into the shooting. The fiery attitude, with which Lewis fearlessly enters a dodgy looking squat on the estate, provokes yet another clash between the two officers, with Lewis dismissively belittling Roger’s approach. Lewis ends up being held at gun point by a teenager, but as if this was not enough pressure on Roger, yet again, he has to face the hanging issue of his post-traumatic stress syndrome. Will he deal with this?

Back at the base, PC Will Fletcher and PC Emma Keane are called out to solve a burglary. Will is in a good mood, as Emma’s ex has withdrawn the allegations against him for punching him to the ground in the pub a few nights previously.

In the course of the investigation into the break-in it becomes apparent, that Will has regained his courage, showing renewed interest and making a move on Emma. While she accepts an invite for a drink that night, a sneaky kiss in the corridor is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Inspector Gina Gold. Emma, however, is thrown back into turmoil when her ex turns up at the office with an invite for a drink. Is it the new adventure with Will she will choose or her old love Matt?

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