DC Zain Nadir and DS Phil Hunter arrest Mark Granger who they suspect has been running a protection racket and an illegal outfit turning over stolen goods. Whilst uncooperative at first, Mark later reveals the heart of the matter: he is being paid by Trevor Wright, owner of the local gambling shack, to find him a hit-man to kill his wife’s lover. In order to prevent the jealousy killing, DC Terry Perkins goes undercover and pretends to be a contract killer, but the cops are racing against the clock; the lovers, it turns out, have secretly booked a one-way flight to Australia for the next day.

Meanwhile, PC Lewis Hardy and PC Roger Valentine get involved in the pursuit of Kelvin Hudson, a prisoner who escaped from an ambulance following a road accident.

Roger is in a bad temper as he awaits the result of the DPS’s decision on the charges against him, and as the PCs lose Kelvin’s trail, he loses his rag and blows up in the face of his young and over-enthusiastic counterpart. Does this make things tricky for his future at the station?

At the station, it emerges that prisoner Kelvin’s escape was facilitated by accomplice Hannah Moore, purposefully causing the accident with the ambulance. And what’s more, news arrives that Kelvin has committed another murder whilst on the run. The tension mounts as there does not seem to be a single lead to explain the mess. Will the search for the killer see more victims yet?

Emma tries to evade ex-boyfriend Matt Hinckley’s continuous attention in the form of text messages and flowers. At the same time, Emma is determined to not repeat mistakes and stay away from PC Will Fletcher. Out for a drink with Lewis, she asks him to keep an eye on her, but then action is required when Matt turns up at the bar…

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