Episode No.   Series
2071 2006x036
Original Airdate
11th May 2006 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

DC Zain Nadir comes across previous police informant, Chez Williams, when he investigates a counterfeit perfume scam with DS Phil Hunter. Zain persuades a reluctant Chez to provide them with information about dangerous perfume being sold to the public. But, feeling guilty after what happened the last time Chez helped him with an investigation, when Chez was shot in the leg, Zain creams off some of the money they recover and gives it to him – no questions asked.

Detective Sergeants Stuart Turner and Sam Nixon continue to bond as they question husband and wife, Matthew and Elaine Gibb, about a dead man found in their house. The seemingly innocent and shocked couple claim to have no knowledge of his identity or how he died but when his wallet is found under their bed, Sam and Stuart have to dig deeper in order to find the seedy circumstances surrounding his death…

Elsewhere, PC Will Fletcher is blown out by PC Emma Keane and is chastened when she tells him that their kiss was a mistake. Later, PC Lewis Hardy tries his best to hide his delight when Emma tells him she has dumped her boyfriend, Matt. Emma explains that she is up for some fun so Lewis tries his luck by asking her out for a drink but he crashes and burns too when she decides to go out with a girl friend instead.

Also, Sam voices her fears to Stuart about being used by him and is relieved when he admits he likes her – a lot. They share a passionate kiss and leave to go on another romantic date…

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