PCs Will Fletcher and Dan Casper enjoy their first sparring match at the boxing gym and when Inspector Gina Gold hears that the boys are keen boxers, she steam-rolls them into entering an inter-services competition. Will and Dan nervously sign up and boxing fan Gina is delighted.

Meanwhile, DCs Suzie Sim and Zain Nadir investigate a bare-knuckle fighting case brought to them by Will and Dan and after connecting it to a GBH case they are already working on, Zain and Suzie get the result they wanted.

PC Roger Valentine struggles as the relief gradually learn about his neglect of duty. Superintendent Adam Okaro tells Gina that his case needs to be dealt with by the book including putting it to the DPS. Gina speaks to Roger and tells him she has her support although he must see a psychologist to see if he is fit for duty.

Elsewhere, PC Leela Kapoor continues to train probationers, PCs Emma Keane and Lewis Hardy. They arrest a man by the name of Eric for criminal damage and Leela agrees to let the rookie cops interview him on their own. Emma and Lewis are stunned when edgy Eric confesses to murdering his wife fourteen years ago and they are forced to stop the interview and allow Gina to take over. But when a distraught and desperate Eric is unable to present any evidence of the murder, Lewis is horrified to see him sent home without charge.

After a long day, the team decide to go to the pub for a few drinks and Will is miffed when Emma’s boyfriend, Matt turns up to surprise her. She feels extremely awkward when he decides to tag along and uncomfortable mixing work with her personal life.

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