Following the vicious hammer attack on Robert Willis, the team search for a cab driver who, according to PC Roger Valentine’s false statement, witnessed the attack. PC Leela Kapoor is paired with Roger and when she picks holes in the ‘cab driver’s’ account, Roger reacts sharply. Another assault is suddenly called in and Leela is concerned when Roger reluctantly reacts to find the attacker.

When Robert finally regains consciousness, Detective Sergeants Sam Nixon and Stuart Turner are stunned when he tells them that he saw a police officer run from the scene of the crime. Inspector Gina Gold investigates the allegation further and discovers that Roger was the copper in question. Is he fit to continue working at Sun Hill?

PCs Dan Casper and Will Fletcher are alerted to a commotion outside a pub where drunken glass collector, Jimmy Ramage, struggles with bar manager Eddie Watson. Watson decides not to press charges but when an aggressive Jimmy punches Dan, they arrest him anyway. Will and Gina are impressed when they realise that Jimmy is ‘Jimmy-the-Finisher’ – a serious middle-weight boxer from the 70s, but disappointed that he has turned into a penniless down and out.

Later, at the pub, Will makes up with Dan, and is delighted when Dan asks him to move back in with him. Following their dealings with Jimmy Ramage, the boys decide to take up boxing in order to keep fit. PC Emma Keane introduces her solicitor boyfriend Matt Hinkley to the rest of the team for the first time and when Lewis tells Will that they’ve been dating for a couple of years, flirty Fletcher suggests Emma needs a change...

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