As her younger sister Molly fights for her life in intensive care, eleven year old, Charlotte Parker is questioned about what happened. DC Suzie Sim puts Charlotte in front of a video camera and DCs Mickey Webb and Terry Perkins watch with anticipation as Suzie tries to uncover the truth. Unable to cope, and finding it hard to remember what she said in her statement, Charlotte tearfully admits to beating her five-year-old sister, forcing Sergeant Dale Smith to lock her in a cell.

Through interviewing Charlotte, Terry and Mickey are horrified to discover that her brutal violence towards Molly was the result of witnessing years of abuse which her father, Tom, inflicted on her mother, Fern. Keeping a lid on his own anger, Mickey confronts Tom and tells him to get help for his violence and stay away from Fern. Meanwhile, Mickey and Fern are delighted to hear that Molly is showing signs of recovery.

Elsewhere, Terry finds himself thinking about reconnecting with his two children. However, his ex-wife, Helen, is far from happy to see him turn up on the doorstep after two years and even less impressed when she finds out he had a relationship with his sister-in-law, Lucy Perkins. Will Terry’s estranged wife stand in the way of Terry and his kids?

And Inspector Neil Manson dashes James Tennant’s hopes that his daughter Amy is still alive when he tells him that Molly’s disappearance is completely unrelated to Amy’s.

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