It is PC Roger Valentine’s first day back and his partner in crime, PC Lewis Hardy, acts the hero. Despite Sergeant Ackland’s warning, June and Roger watch in horror as Lewis strides into a burning building dragging Matthew Goodfellow out and saving his life. June later discovers that a woman made an emergency call about the fire but didn’t leave her details. After tracing the call, Roger and Lewis track down Kathy who admits to seeing two boys pouring petrol into Matthew’s letterbox but didn’t leave her details as she was frightened of recriminations. Kathy confesses to Roger that she scared the press will be interested in her if she gives a statement which would upset the family. Roger is sympathetic towards Kathy but tells her that is she doesn’t give evidence, the boys will get off. What could Kathy be hiding?

DC Suzie Sim is thrilled when DI Neil Manson tells her she has passed her Sergeants exams. Ambitious Suzie decides she should start looking for another job as a DS.

On his way back to the station, Roger witnesses a man being violently beaten and hearing a tune from the nightclub, suffers fearsome flashbacks. Roger retreats from the scene and after catching his breath, radios it in as a reported sighting. Will Roger admit he is suffering post-traumatic and unable to cope?

Superintendent Adam Okaro makes a life changing decision and decides to apply for the job of Borough Commander. Adam is annoyed when he realises he has tough competition for the sought after position.

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