Episode No.   Series
2062 2006x027
Original Airdate
6th April 2006 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Episode 404 is the 2065th episode of The Bill.

This episode's alternate title is A Dramatic Halt.

Tony and Dan deal with a drink-drive hit-and-run incident involving a friend of Tony's. Phil investigates the attack on his brother, Steve. Sam and Stuart investigate a fraudster. Dan tells Honey that the only reason Will slept with her was because Dan kicked him out. Tony decides to take a second job to help pay for his father's residential care.

This was the final episode with credits over the old-style blue-on-blue lava lamp ITV corporate background. It was replaced by a lighter blue and the white on dark blue with yellow edging Previously and Next Time templates were replaced by a white on light blue variant.

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