Sun Hill’s handling of the night club disaster is heavily scrutinised and super-cool Superintendent Adam Okaro discusses the fall-out with Met Press Officer, Mia Perry.

Mia also makes an impact on a seemingly smitten DC Mickey Webb. Has the single DC found love again?

After drawing the short straw, PCs Will Fletcher and Tony Stamp spend the morning in a temporary morgue with victims from the nightclub disaster, retrieving ID from the bodies.

Will loses it and breaks down when he sees the man he tried to resuscitate and bravely decides to visit the victims’ mother to explain. However, Will is shocked by the reception he gets from her. Mickey and DS Sam Nixon look into a case of stolen identity when Tony reports that one of the bodies doesn’t correspond to the photo ID found in his wallet.

Trying to cope with the previous nights’ tragic events, PC Emma Keane discovers there is much more to being a copper than she ever imagined when she reunites a fatally injured boy with his mother. Emma holds back the tears as the mother and youngster spend their last few minutes together in hospital.

Meanwhile, Adam struggles to cope with the anniversary of his family’s death and is relieved when friend and Inspector, Gina Gold offers to go to the grave with him and lay some flowers.

Also, old-school cop, PC Roger Valentine finally wakes up in hospital after saving probationer, Lewis’ life. Lewis reluctantly visits him with a present from the teams’ collection and after a rocky start, the two begin to get along. Could this be the end of their long-standing feud?

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