Although DC Mickey Webb warned DC Zain Nadir to stay away from the eighteen-year-old gang member, he meets with Jordan Tomlin anyway to find out where the missing guns are. Zain leaves a happy man when the cocky youngster promises more information soon.

Meanwhile, PCs Emma Keane and Leela Kapoor find themselves at a local DJ competition during an investigation. They duck for cover when two guns shots ring out and evacuate the community centre whilst calling for back-up. PCs Roger Valentine and Lewis Hardy realise a witness to the shooting is still inside the centre and cautiously enter. They are horrified to discover the victim is Jordan Tomlin who is bleeding heavily from his stomach. However, Superintendent Adam Okaro decides not to let the paramedics in until a Trojan Unit arrive in case the gunman is still in the building.

The pressure is on a blameworthy Zain when he discovers that Lewis knows an inside cop has been cutting deals with gang members. He visits Jordan in hospital desperate to find out whether anyone else knows about their arrangement. Before the cop gets an answer, Jordan loses his fight for life and Zain is left relieved and guilt-free. But Mickey questions his lack of remorse. How does he sleep at night?

Lewis is gutted when he finds out that his cousin Dominic Hardy let the gunman into the community centre. He forces him to give a statement and realising that blood is not always thicker than water, decides he wants nothing more to do with him.

The following day, Jordan’s mother, Annette Tomlin stirs up the local community by criticising Superintendent Adam Okaro and the police about the way they handled the shooting incident.

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