Inspector Gina Gold returns to Sun Hill from Australia and makes Long Marsh Prison her first point of call to see Sergeant Smith. Gina tells a despondent Smithy she knows he is innocent and he needs to send out more visiting orders to friends for support. Visiting time soon comes to an end and, on the brink of tears, Smithy admits he is struggling to cope…

Meanwhile, PC Emma Keane takes on her first undercover job when she and DS Sam Nixon investigate an aggressive young woman called Angela. Sam shows she is impressed with Emma’s passion and commitment during the investigation. However, the young probationer shocks everyone by getting physical when Angela spits in her face. Angry Angela can’t believe her luck and immediately takes advantage of the situation threatening to ruin Emma’s career. Can Sam convince her not to press charges? Also, tension between PCs Roger Valentine and Lewis Hardy continues to grow as they deal with a domestic case between an inter-racial couple. Lewis speaks out, accusing Roger of being heavy handed during an arrest and pushes the limits by calling him a racist in front of the suspect. The pair continue to argue and acting Sergeant Yvonne Hemmingway is forced to pull Lewis off the case.

By the end of the day, Lewis realises he was wrong about Roger and attempts to build bridges with him, but will Roger accept Lewis’ apology?

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