DS Ramani De Costa starts her new job with the Child Abuse Investigation Team and suddenly realises how special her relationship with DC Terry Perkins was when she fails to connect with her new partner. Desperate Terry goes out of his way to help with her investigation hoping there may still be a chance of a relationship. After a long but successful day, shy Terry finally comes clean and confesses his true feelings to Ramani but will he get the happy ending he hoped for? Meanwhile,DC Zain Nadir’s devious deal with Jordan Tomlin seems to be fruitful when Jordan supplies him with information about rival gang leader Asher Campbell who is meeting a dealer to buy eight Mac-10 automatic guns. DC Mickey Webb criticises cocky Zain for making the pact with Jordan and threatens that if the investigation goes belly-up, he’s on his own. After a CID briefing, the gun sting takes place and Asher is arrested. However, surprised that only two guns were picked up, Zain pays Jordan a visit and the crafty cop suddenly realises he has bitten off more than he can chew…

Also, DI Neil Manson briefs James Tennant about the TV reconstruction of Amy’s last known movements as it has now been seven days since seven-year-old Amy’s disappearance. DC Suzie Sim reminds Neil that James’ alibi is yet to be corroborated and she’d like to bring him along to the reconstruction to gauge his reaction. Outside his house, brave James is uncomfortable and extremely emotional seeing Amy’s actress and a guilty Suzie feels for him. Later, Suzie tells a relieved Neil that since the filming of the reconstruction, a witness has called to confirm James’ alibi which means he couldn’t have abducted Amy. Neil visits James to give him the news and Neil is heartbroken when James tearfully begs Neil to find his daughter.

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