Whilst celebrating his cousin Dominic’s engagement party, PC Lewis Hardy is caught up in a dramatic shooting incident at a nightclub. DI Neil Manson, and DCs Suzie Sim and Mickey Webb attend the scene and after taking statements, come to the conclusion that the attack was black on black gang related and DS Shand from Trident’s crime unit comes in to manage the investigation.

Fearing retaliations from the local gang, and to try and stop the incident from escalating into a gang war, Acting Sergeant Yvonne Hemmingway asks the relief to keep a visible, low-key presence to reassure the community that everything is under control. Local kid, Jordan Tomlin is soon found on the nightclub CCTV after breaking his curfew and Neil and Mickey bribe him to give them information about the shooting or they will put him back inside the young offenders’ institute.

Lewis is stunned when he discovers that his cousin, Dominic carries a gun, and after the girlfriend of one of the gang leaders is shot down in a drive by, narrowly missing Shand and Mickey, Lewis is distraught to find himself torn between his family and his career.

Meanwhile, DI Neil Manson quietly tells Suzie that DS Ramani De Costa is leaving and Suzie realises this could be her chance for promotion. He also confides that his estranged wife has left to work in Spain and he is soon to be a single parent. How will the seemingly tough DI cope on his own?

Also, DC Jo Masters is surprised to be contacted by her old supergrass, Seth Mercer who asks for information on a dodgy business associate in Nottingham. After scratching the surface, Jo wonders what he is really after…

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