Terrified, Sergeant Dale Smith puts on a brave face when fellow Sergeant June Ackland enters his cell to let him know he is due for his court appearance. The relief shout words of support to a handcuffed Smithy as he is led away for his hearing.

DC Zain Nadir is enraged on hearing that Smithy has been refused bail and DCI Jack Meadows takes charge. He tells CID that they are looking for the middle-man who helped Pete Larson fit Smithy up for murder and to speak to all of Larson’s known associates. Zain finds scruffy Mancunian, Matt Finney, who is house-sitting for a member of Larson’s men, Andy Baker, and eager to question Finney about Baker’s whereabouts, he gets the opportunity to arrest him when he finds class A drugs in the house. After an unsuccessful interview with Finney, Jack suggests emailing his photo to the GMP before releasing him. Zain visits Smithy who is imprisoned in Longmarsh prison with photographs of both Finney and Baker in a vain attempt to see if Smithy recognises either of them. Zain and Smithy’s hopes are dashed when he admits their faces don’t mean anything to him.

Meanwhile, PC Emma Keane proves her worth by helping to uncover evidence to suggest that Matt Finney is in fact, Pat Gannon – a known killer and cousin to Andy Baker. Zain is left furious that CID have lost the suspected hit man and middleman. Jack, Zain and S019 race to Baker’s house only to find that Finney has done a runner. Frustrated, Zain calls Smithy to update him and admits to letting Gannon go but he promises they’ll nail him soon. Smithy smashes phone against a wall and is restrained by two wardens who escort him back to his cell. Alone, grieving and desperate, Smithy holds his head in despair.

Also, DS Ramani De Costa and DC Suzie Sim explore a case involving a young girl called Lydia, who appears to have been hurt during a ritual Angolan exorcism. Ramani liaises with the family’s church pastor, Bernard Wamuyu and forms a solid connection that may help with future cases. Eventually they net a good result, but Ramani is left jaded by CSU work. Terry invites her for a drink but ends up having to cover his jealously when she invites Saul along too.

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