Following the recent dramatic events, Tony and Yvonne rouse a confused Smithy who is slumped over the wheel of his crashed car. At the hospital, Yvonne reluctantly arrests a stunned Smithy for drink driving when he fails two breath tests. After explaining that Louise Larson was killed as a result of the accident, Smithy collapses and in shock. Yvonne and Tony later escort Smithy back to Sun Hill and stand by his side as June signs him in.

Yvonne fills Okaro in on the evidence so far which clearly implicates Smithy’s involvement in the murder of Louise. He is bailed until the following day and Adam insists he gets some sleep in the hope that memories will start to come back. Yvonne offers him a bed for the night and when he is finally left alone, he breaks down, devastated, and heart-broken about Louise’s sudden death and the bewildering circumstances surrounding it.

Meadows allows Zain to do a bit of digging on the sly in a desperate attempt to clear Smithy’s name under the watchful eye of DCI Frank Keane from the DPS. Yvonne takes over as Acting Sergeant and fields questions to the relief before sending them out on duty and Manson, working for MIT, also returns in an attempt to help all he can. Scared and frustrated by his lack of memory, Smithy takes a deep breath and prepares to be questioned by DCI Keane and DI Manson. Desolate, Smithy hears the evidence stacked up against him from Keane and Neil pleads for something more concrete from him. Smithy furiously tells them he must have been drugged and set up by Pete Larson. He is horrified when Keane attempts to get him to confess that he was drunk behind the wheel and deliberately murdered Louise. Smithy breaks down, prematurely ending the interview.

Adam is optimistic when DCI Keane tells him they have found a witness on some CCTV tapes which have been given to Roger and Emma to look at. It’s clear from Roger’s ranting that the DPS are unpopular and he is embarrassed when Emma tells him that Frank Keane is her father. Roger and Emma eventually get a lead at a local pub where the witness seen on the CCTV is a regular. They track down a frightened Carl Caplan and bring him back to the station for questioning. Neil is hopeful when Carl says he would be able to spot the driver in a video identity parade but that is soon shattered when during the parade, Smithy is chosen.

DCI Keane, Adam, Neil and Yvonne make their way towards an ashen-faced Smithy. Barely able to speak, Yvonne charges Smithy with the murder of Louise. Staring straight at her, Smithy hands over his warrant card and is led to a cell.

Meanwhile, JT stuns his colleagues when he reveals he was leaving Sun Hill to live in Spain with his boyfriend.

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