PCs Roger Valentine and Leela Kapoor continue to puppy-walk probationers, Lewis Hardy and Emma Keane. Roger and Lewis are soon called out to investigate young mum, Leanne, who claims to have been threatened by a man with a used needle. Unimpressed by the action taken against the drug problem on the estate where she lives, Leanne turns up at the station and dumps a load of needles on the front desk, leaving new PC Emma to clean up. Determined to sort the problem, Superintendent Adam Okaro organises a drugs bust and volunteers rookie Lewis Hardy to be the under-cover man.

Meanwhile, DS Ramani De Costa’s boyfriend Saul Peterson is concerned about Roy, who has been threatened with a gun at the community centre and asks if she could dig a little deeper. Although jealous of their relationship, DC Terry Perkins agrees to help. During the investigation, Terry and Ramani discover that the gun-man, C.J, is Roy’s sister’s ex-boyfriend and is threatening Roy because he wants to know where she is. Later, when Roy’s sister Lisa is abducted, the race is on to find her and it isn’t long before it’s Terry’s turn to stare down the barrel of C.J’s gun…

Also, PC Dan Casper keeps mum about his spare room that he offered to Emma when he catches PC Will Fletcher scanning the papers for a room to rent for himself. Playing the innocent in front of the boys, Emma tells Dan she is unable to take him up on his offer, leaving him no choice but to reluctantly offer the room to a delighted Will.

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