New recruits PCs Emma Keane and Lewis Hardy’s first day at Sun Hill and PC Roger Valentine and PC Leela Kapoor are assigned to show them the ropes. But whilst investigating a crime on the Holbeck Estate, courageous Lewis gets off on the wrong foot when an over-zealous tackle results in a complaint being made against him. Could the new probationer’s career be over before it’s begun?

Meanwhile, PCs Yvonne Hemmingway and Tony Stamp arrest Raymond Taylor for driving erratically and are stunned when he confesses to raping a woman the night before. However, the case isn’t as straight forward as it first appears when a distraught Raymond tests positive for date-rape drug, Rohypnol. DCs Jo Masters and Suzie Sim go in search of the alleged victim, Miranda who has gone missing. When they discover that Raymond was also robbed on the night of the alleged rape, Jo and Susie conclude that he is the victim and Roger goes undercover to catch Miranda.

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