Episode 369 is the 2030th episode of The Bill.

The team continue to investigate the death of PC Powell and the gay serial killer on their patch. After Lord has escaped the arrest attempted, both he and Keanan have gone missing. PC Valentine and DS Nixon are staking out Keanan's flat and the rest of the team are trying to track Lord through his oyster card, payments and phone signal.

They find out that both suspects were in the same care home as youngsters and were both witnesses to a drowning of a young boy. They also piece together from a birthday card and foster records that Lord could be heading to "Elaine" and DS Hunter, DC Sim, DC Webb & PC Casper track down Elaine and again try and arrest Lord. This time he doesn't get away and they find a phone with him that is "linked" with a phone found at Keanan's house.

Keanan Returns home to and spots Nixon observing the property and calmly waits for Valentine to go and arrest him.

With both suspect now in custody, DCI Morrell and DI Manson try to get to the bottom of who did what and why.

The linked phones were used to speak to each other on the night of Powells death, but Keanan is playing it cool and it seems like a game to him. After confrunting Lord with all the evidence, including the DNA, he admits to the murders, but insists that Keanan has nothing to do with it and he acted alone. Manson and Morrell do not believe him, so try and play Keanan at his own game.

They tell Keanan that Lord has admitted the murders and that he acted alone and Keanan can go. They tell Keanan that Lord that he must have been really clever to plan and arrange all of these Murders and cover is tracks so well. Keanan takes the bait and he's arrogance forces him to admit he is the real genius and the "mastermind" behind the killings and Lord hates doing the killing.

Lord confesses to Webb and Sim that he loves Keanan and the only way to get Keanan to love him back in to do what is tells him. 

The episode ends with the team packing up the evidence and Valentine placing a picture of Powell in the evidence box and saying that they did a good job and honored Powell's memory, but that wont bring him back.

Final apperance of DCI Rowanne Morell.

Season 21 (2005).

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