Episode 360 is the 2021st episode of The Bill

Itching to get his hands dirty again, Commander Ian Barratt is surprisingly paired with PC Dan Casper who spends the whole day on edge. Whilst assisting CID with an armed robbery plot, everything seems to be going well until Ian admits to knowing about Dan’s year-long sordid affair with his wife, Rochelle. Ian advises Dan to leave Sun Hill but when he confesses to loving Rochelle, Ian explodes with rage. Are the PC’s days now numbered?

As Cindy wonders where husband DS Phil Hunter is for their IVF appointment, Phil lands himself in hot water yet again. Whilst arguing with ex, Kate, about who the father of her baby is, the sex-addict goes into labour and he is left to accompany her to the hospital.

When hearing that rapist, Martin Delaney has absconded from prison. DCI Jack Meadows makes a surprise visit to ex-Sun Hill cop, Mickey Webb who, after previously investigating and being raped by Delaney, knows him better than anyone. Jack asks Mickey for his help in finding Delaney and he reluctantly agrees. CID are eventually told that he has been located at a local cemetery and as Jack and the rest of the team go to make their arrest, Mickey returns home to find himself face to face with his rapist armed with a knife… Return Of DC Mickey Webb.

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